Robinhood Gift Card

Can I Buy a Robinhood Gift Card?

We all try to choose the perfect gift for our loved ones. Last-minute shopping becomes our biggest fear when birthdays or Christmas are around the corner.

robinhood gift card

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But what’s the point of all the effort if your gift is soon forgotten? Well, ditch the stress now and turn your eyes toward Robinhood gift cards for crypto lovers.

There is nothing better than free funds for investment, especially when it comes to crypto lovers. If your friends and family still need to catch up on the brilliant crypto conversations and benefits, give them a nudge to invest and learn more about crypto through Robinhood gift cards.

Understanding Gift Cards

A gift card is a prepaid token or an online voucher that anyone can use. If you think it isn’t a valuable gift, then know it takes a hefty amount to produce gift cards.

You must load a specific amount on the gift card, and the recipient can use it. Some cards come with a minimum and maximum limit and can instantly be registered online. It offers great flexibility when you still determine what the recipient of the card might like.

What is a Robinhood Gift Card?

Robinhood is an excellent platform for commission-free investments and crypto trading. Robinhood came up with crypto gift cards for Robinhood customers.

The idea is brilliant as the gifts are 0% commission, and you can gift one of the seven cryptocurrencies. It is an ideal way to introduce your friends and family to the crypto-sphere when they are hesitant to invest themselves.

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How to Start?

The process is pretty straightforward. The minimum loading amount for these gift cards is $1 worth of any cryptocurrency. Whether you prefer bitcoin or Ethereum, you can share the link with the recipient of the gift card through a text message or an email.

Since Robinhood believes in safe exchange, it offers some additional features with the gift cards too:

  • There are nine different designs to customize the gift card;
  • You can inscribe a message with the gift card;
  • You can track the gift card.

How to Track Your Gift Card?

The recipient gets 14 days to accept the gift card from the day you send them the link. If they initiate acceptance, you will be charged for the card. However, if they don’t proceed within 14 days, you will not have to pay a penny for the gift card. If the recipient is a newbie, they must make a Robinhood account to access the funds. If they are already a Robinhood user, they can log in to their Robinhood account for access.

Unfortunately, Robinhood gift cards are not currently available for purchase. Additionally, you cannot use any other gift cards on your Robinhood account. Therefore, if you ask, “Can I buy a Robinhood gift card?” the answer would be no.

Robinhood Amazon Gift Cards

Although Robinhood tries to remain one of the best online crypto investment platforms, it did experience an outage.

Well, no point in guessing that this outage directly impacted the users. They lost plenty of real money, and Robinhood issued $75 gift cards to their beloved users as a refund.

Yes, you can’t get your hands on a Robinhood gift card, but the option of availing benefits from the Robinhood Amazon gift cards is still available.

All you have to do is complete a small survey, and you get to please a crypto-trader with this token without purchasing an actual Robinhood gift card.

The survey topics are short and sweet; one survey was about ways Robinhood can improve its services, and completing it offered a $5 Amazon gift card!

Robinhood App Store Gift Cards

Robinhood users can access the Robinhood web version, which works on mobile. The application is also available on Google Play and the App store.

So, users often wonder if they can access Robinhood app store gift cards. We hate to break it to you, but the answer is no.

Traders must also link bank accounts to their Robinhood profiles if they want to make any purchases.

What if You Are the Gift Card Owner?

The best part of owning a Robinhood gift card for you is buying something from the funds or investing them. However, you cannot use the gift card to top your Robinhood balance.

Robinhood has a strict security system in the hands of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which sadly doesn’t permit gift cards to top account balances.

Here are a few remedies you can try:

  • Sell the gift cards via different platforms like Raise;
  • Purchase the gift card. You can add the remaining balance to your bank account and transfer it to Robinhood.

How Many Robinhood Accounts Can I Have?

Robinhood limits the number of accounts an individual can have on the platform. Yes, if you thought you could have plenty of accounts to reap more benefits, you’re wrong. The platform permits one account per person.

If you think you’re too bright, then know that the platform gives every account a Social Security Number. It is a unique number and only unlocks a single account. It is an excellent scheme to protect accounts, prevent fraud, and refrain from money laundering.