Corporate Gifting Statistics

Report Highlights The corporate gifting market could grow to $306 billion by 2024. Corporate gifting is getting 8.1% bigger every year. About 60% of corporate gifts in 2021, worth over $140 billion, will go to people outside the company. Gift cards are the #1 corporate gift, making up 37% of the market or about $89.5 … Read moreCorporate Gifting Statistics

Robinhood Statistics

Report Highlights: Robinhood reached its peak of over 21 million Monthly Active Users in early 2021. The active user count dropped from 17.3M in 2021 to 11.4M in 2022, marking a decline of 34.10% year-over-year. Total users surged from 12.5M in 2020 to 22.7M in 2021, an impressive year-over-year growth of 81.6%. Robinhood posted a … Read moreRobinhood Statistics