Average Debt in Canada

The average debt in Canada is a topic that concerns many Canadians. With rising costs of living and sometimes stagnant incomes, it can be challenging to keep up with payments. However, there are solutions to this problem, and understanding the different types of debt can help. The Current State of Canadian Debt What is the … Read moreAverage Debt in Canada

Average Canadian Income

Average Income in Canada for 2023 In 2023, the average income in Canada is estimated to be $59,300, marking a significant increase from the 2021 average of $54,000. The year 2023 witnessed a 3% decrease in average income, primarily due to COVID-19 restrictions impacting the Canadian economy. As of March 2022, the Canadian economy demonstrated … Read moreAverage Canadian Income

Best Mutual Funds Canada

With over 5,000 mutual funds available in Canada, choosing the right funds can be overwhelming. While no one can predict future performance, there are some funds that have consistently performed better than others. We have identified the biggest Canadian mutual funds based on assets under management. Although the size of a fund does not always … Read moreBest Mutual Funds Canada

Canadian Healthcare ETFs: Investing in Global Health Index (CAD-Hedged)

Finding the best healthcare ETFs in Canada can be a challenging task, especially given the industry’s vast scope and ever-evolving nature. We will give you a snapshot of the top Canadian healthcare ETFs, spotlighting various sub-sectors such as medical technology, medical office software, virtual healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. This it the best Canadian broker for … Read moreCanadian Healthcare ETFs: Investing in Global Health Index (CAD-Hedged)

How To Buy Tesla Stock in Canada

When considering how to buy Tesla stock in Canada, it’s essential to understand the process and options available to Canadian investors. As the globe’s top auto manufacturer by market value and an electric vehicle pioneer, **Tesla** has seen substantial expansion since Elon Musk founded it in 2003. Here’s a brief guide to investing in Tesla … Read moreHow To Buy Tesla Stock in Canada

Is Cash App Available in Canada? Best Cash App Alternatives for 2024

If you’re living in Canada, you might be wondering if Cash App is available in the country. Unfortunately, the answer is no – Cash App is not available in Canada yet. The peer-to-peer payment platform by Square is currently only available in the US and the UK. So, what are the alternatives? Is Cash App … Read moreIs Cash App Available in Canada? Best Cash App Alternatives for 2024